1. Samosas - Various stuffings wrapped in flaky flour and then deep fried. Spiced potatoes and peas (2 for 2.99), Chicken (2 for 3.99), Goat (2 for 4.99)

2. Pakoda - Thinly sliced vegetables of your choice (potato, onion, chili, or spinach) lightly coated in flour and fried. Vegetable (4.99), Chicken (5.99), Chicken Poppers (8.99)

3. Bonda - A crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside snack made with flour, spices and yogurt. Served with coconut chutney (6 for 4.99), Hard boiled eggs seasoned with chat masala (6 for 5.99), Variation with sliced hard boiled egg and minced chicken (6 for 8.99)

4. 65 - Originating in a military café in Southern India, this dish became popular in no time. It happened to be Item 65 on the menu and hence the name. Onions and a dash of lemon makes this snack Cauliflower (7.99), Egg (8.99). Chicken.

5. Tandoor - Yogurt, secret spices, and lemon are used to marinate and then skewered and cooked at high temperatures in a clay oven. Mixed Vegetables (7.99), Haryali Kabab (9.99), Paneer (8.99), Chicken Tikka (9.99), Chicken (9.99), Shrimp (13.99), Malai Kabab (9.99), Mixed Grill (13.99)

Minced, marinated and cooked on a skewer and served with thinly sliced grilled onions, green, yellow and red peppers.Vegetable (6.99), Chicken (7.99), Goat (8.99)

Flat bread with whole wheat flour. Plain (1.99), Butter (1.99), Cheese (2.99), Nutella (2.99), Garlic (2.99), Potato (2.99), Paneer (3.99), Egg (4.99), Peshwari (4.99), Chicken (5.99)

Originally street food from Kolkata but a complete meal by itself. Grilled vegetables, onion, coriander chutney and tamarind chutney wrapped with whole wheat bread. Ground Tofu (4.99), Paneer (5.99), Chicken (6.99), Goat (7.99). Add an egg for an additional $1.

A Bayleaf Grill twist to chicken over rice. Why settle for less when you can get more flavor or more nutrients without compromising taste? Served over a bed of grilled vegetables with carb options of pulov rice, quinoa, or half rice and half quinoa. Tofu (5.99), Paneer (5.99), Chicken (6.99), Goat (7.99)

*All curries come with a plain crepe and zeera rice

1. Saag/Gongura :-

Onion, spinach, green chilies and spices are simmered and cooked with options listed below. Spinach is substituted with gongura or sorrel leaves, which enhances the flavor of this curry with its tangy taste. Tofu (10.99), Paneer (10.99), Chicken (11.99), Goat (12.99), Shrimp (13.99)

Talk to our team members for special requests and allergy information! Not all items may be available at al times due to seasonal availability! Nuts and dairy are used in our kitchen!
We go fishing only on weekends!

2. Butter Masala - Onion, tomatoes, cashew nuts, and spices are cooked on low flame and then pureed to give a smooth gravy. This is then simmered with cream to give a rich taste. Paneer (10.99), Chicken (11.99)

3. Kadai - Diced onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, chilies along with house made spices are combined to make this delicious curry. Tofu (10.99), Paneer (10.99), Chicken (11.99)

4. Vindaloo - A Goan dish traditionally made with meat marinated with vinegar and spices and cooked in onion and tomato gravy. Paneer (10.99), Chicken (11.99), Goat (12.99), Shrimp (13.99)

5. Kheema - Minced meat, vegetables, and peas cooked to perfection for days when gravy is not on the mind. Tofu (10.99), Paneer (10.99), Chicken (11.99), Goat (12.99)

6. Vepudu - An Andhra style fry with loads of curry leaves. Vegetable (10.99), Egg (11.99), Chicken (13.99), Goat (14.99), Fish (14.99), Shrimp (15.99)

7. Pulusu - Andhra style curry made with tomato and onion that's slow cooked to enhance the flavor. Dal Tadka (8.99), Okra (10.99), Eggplant (10.99), Egg (11.99), Chicken (13.99), Goat (14.99), Fish (14.99), Shrimp (15.99)

Slowly cooked over alternating layers of rice and gravy, infused with spices and herbs. Vegetable (8.99), Egg (9.99), Chicken (10.99), Spl Chicken (13.99), Goat (13.99), Shrimp (13.99).

Plain (3.99), Onion (4.99), Egg (5.99), Cheese (5.99), Chili and Cheese (5.99)

1. Lassi - Plan (2.99), Masala (2.99), Sweet (2.99), Mango (3.99)

2. Chai Section - Sada (1.99), Adhrak (2.99), Elachi (2.99), Masala (2.99), Tulasi (2.99)

3. Milk - Badam (3.99), Boost (Indian Hot Chocolate) (3.99)

4. Milkshakes - Oreo (4.99), Almond (4.99), Pistachio (4.99)

5. Bottled - Water (1.09), Seltzer Water (1.99), Perrier (2.49)

6. House Made - Fresh Lime Soda (2.99), Mojito (3.99), Fresh Juice (4.99)

All are 4.99. Basundi (condensed milk with cream), Malai Kulfi (Indian street ice cream), Pistachio Ice Cream, Gulab Jamoon, Vegetable Halwa, Fresh Fruit Bowl, Fruit Custard, Khuabani Ka Meetha